Carly Creley is an acrylic painter and photographer from Los Angeles. As a naturalist who loves hiking, camping, and studying nature, Carly’s work is an attempt to share the world she loves with others. She teaches an annual week long course in Sequoia National Park, and is the official photographer for the San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival. Her work has been exhibited at the dA Center for the Arts, Loft Beats, the Fine Arts Gallery at California State University, Los Angeles, and throughout Southern California. She has been published in the Sand Canyon Review and East Jasmine Review.

Carly Biography Website

Carly holds a Master of Science in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Biology from California State University, Los Angeles and a Master of Arts in Education from Claremont Graduate University .  Her research involves mapping changes in tree squirrel distributions in California. A paper on “Distribution of the Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) within California as of 2015 is currently in press with the Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences.

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