You Can Help Protect Pollinators

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Participate in the Collective Gallery

After screening the film ¿Qué les Pasó a las Abejas? [What Happened to the Bees?], you are invited to submit art based on the ideas in the film. Art has the power to inspire the world to protect pollinators, to preserve sustainable traditional practices, and to connect people around the world. Help build a community that cares about the relationship humans have with their environment, and each other. The Abejas Cine art gallery will host selected works of art, so please submit the art you create in response to the film and discussion!

Send your drawing, photo, screen printing, sculpture, engraving, embroidery, poem, song, or other work inspired by the film to and to be part of the collective gallery, a project which will share and raise awareness of the importance of bees.
Abejas Cine recommends that the file be in JPG or PNG format at 150 dpi, with dimensions greater than 1080 pixels (width and height).
Please your name and the title of your work in your submission email.
By sending your image to  you are authorizing them to place the documentary’s logo  over your work, and for them to add it to the ABEJAS CINE site. The images you submit will be free to download and free to use worldwide.
Thank you very much for participating and helping protect bees.

Become a Citizen Scientist

Want to help scientists with ongoing research projects?

Scientists rely on photos and sightings from people like you! Search for local pollinator projects, or check out the Citizen Science Projects below to help identify and track the movements of our important pollinator species.

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¿Qué les Pasó a las Abejas? [What Happened to the Bees?]

Discussion Room

Art for Bees